Alphabet Wall Art DIY

Tutorial on How to make your own Alphabet Wall


Paper Mache Letters, Foam letters, Wood Letters

2 Acrylic Paints – colors of your choice

Paint brush

Two way tape

Painter’s Tape

Round sponge brush










Step 1

Buy your Paper Mache Letters from you local arts and crafts store. I got mine in Hobby Lobby on a 50% sale. Choose the letter styles and sizes you like,  I picked different fonts, sizes and styles to achieve the look I was looking for. My letters are made of Paper Mache,  foam, and wood.

It took some time to find the right combination of letters to achieve the look I wanted.


Step 2

Before you start painting the letters decide how the letters are going to be placed on your wall, lay the letters on the floor and arrange them until you obtain look you like the best. I decided on 4 rows with different amount of letters in each row.

I didn’t want the arrangement to have the square outline look.


Step 3

Paint your letters with the acrylic paint chosen. I got Magenta and Sweet Mint. I always made sure to switch colors.


Step 4

The next day or when your letters are completely dry, decorate them with patterns you like. I chose to decorate the big letters only. I did the polka dots with the round sponge brush and striped letters with Painters tape.


Step 5

When all letters are dry, now its time to put them up on your wall. On back of each letter I placed a piece of  Two Way tape on several places and placed letters on the wall. Make sure your letters are just the way you want them to be.  I didn’t  place them in the straight line but I did follow the pattern I liked.

Some of the Foam letters already had sticky tape on the back. I noticed these sticky tape don’t hold very well on walls, so I reinforced them with the Two Way Tape from Lowes and have had no issues since them.


Step 6


IMG_8592 IMG_8601 IMG_8599


























Thank you and Happy Crafting!!!

Ribbon Bow Hairclips DIY Step-by-Step


Tutorial on How to make cute Ribbon Bow Hair-clips


IMG_7291You will need:

  • 1.5″ ribbon
  • 3/8″ ribbon
  • Metal hair-clips 55mm
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape/Ruler
  • Lighter



Step 1

Cut the ribbon into 6.25 inch strips.













Step 2

Clean all cut edges with a lighter to avoid loose threads and fold the ribbon in half to locate the mid point.












Step 3

Apply glue to the middle part of the ribbon using a glue gun and fold edges towards middle









Step 4

Now it’s a time to create the bow out of the ribbon.

Get the ribbon on it’s front side, with your thumb and index finger press to make the bow,  in the middle of the bow put a drop of glue and press firmly together using thumb and index finger. Make sure the glue stays down in the bow and doesn’t spread all over the bow.

Wait a couple of seconds to allow the glue to dry.  Flip the bow on the back side and put a drop of glue on the both sides of the center of the bow to make sure the bow stays together. Press firmly again for few seconds using thumb and index finger to create the bow.
























Step 5

Your bow at this point should look like this one shown on the image below.













Step 6

Now you will need to cut the small ribbon (3/8″ ribbon) into 3.5 inch long strip and again clean the both cut edges with lighter to avoid loose threads.








Step 7

Make a simple knot in the middle of the strip. This knot will cover the middle of the bow.













Step 8

Put glue around all sides of the middle section (top, both sides, and rear)




















Step 9

Wrap the knot all around to cover the middle section of the bow which will create the final touch to the bow.




Step 10

We are almost done, get the your metal hair clip, place a good amount of glue on the top of the metal clip and place it on the back side of the bow. Make sure it’s straight and in the center. Press firmly and wait few seconds for the glue to dry.


































There it is!!! Your beautiful ribbon bow. 


IMG_7393 IMG_7395 IMG_7396