DIY Personalized Karate Gym Bag

Tutorial on How to make Personalized Karate Bag for your Boy or Girl.

The bag or sack can be used for all kids of sports and activities.  Since my girls go to karate school,  I wanted a design which would go along with karate theme. The obvious choice is the Yin Yang Sign which is pretty simple and  easy to make.

All you will need is any sport bag/sack just like you see in the picture below and white fabric paint,

I found both of these items in my local Hobby Lobby store.

To make a perfect circle for the YIN YANG sing outline, I used a round plate and white crayon. You can use any round object to match the size you desire.


IMG_8648 IMG_8649

IMG_8655 IMG_8659IMG_8660IMG_8666