How to make a DIY Indian Girl Costume

Version 2

How to make Girl’s Indian Costume in few minutes.

All you need is just plain brown mens T-shirt and scissors. I used medium size shirt for my five year old. I bought mine at Target for $4.99 but any plain shirt in earthy colors would work.

First lay the shirt flat on the table or floor, make sure you flatten out all wrinkles and cut all the hems of the shirt. Keep the bottom hem to use it as belt. Cut the both sleeves into fringe.

Then fold the shirt lenght wise and cut the corners to create the pointed front typical for indian dress. I used a ruler to make sure I cut straight line.

The Indian Head Band is made out of elastic ribbon and few colorful feathers. I glued the feathers on the inner side of the band and sewed the back. I am sure the glue gun would work as well if you don’t feel like sew.Version 2

I liked to add some fun part to the costume, this is completely optional but since I found some leather string and wooden beads around the house I decided why not. I made this very simple belt with beads to add more indian vibe to the costume.

Version 2




When I finished with costume I realized the boots are missing some fringe to make the look complete. I got the leftover fabric from the shirt, the one I cut the sides of the shirt. Its a perfect triangle shape which can be tied in the back of the boot. All you need to do is before you tie it to the boots make the fringe with your scissors. The costume now looked complete.

Version 3






Let’s start….

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